The All-Round Bundle for Producers

The Producers Bundle is the essential one and done package for music producers, creators, and muscians recording at home. This bundle offers you a wide variety of tones suitable for all genres and situations. The one thing all of these presets have in common is they are mix-ready and are sure to do their part in your mixes and demos.

The idea behind this bundle is to have all the different kind og tones you will ever need to produce bands and record demos all collected in one big bundle. Stop wasting time loading up plug-ins, and dialing in tones. Simply load up the presets from this bundle, and you are good to go.


Clean Tones:
- Dreamscape
- Prog Clean
- Prog Space
- Punchy Clean
- Tapping Clean
- Tight Clean

Hi-gain Tones:
- Archtype Rhythm
- Badonk Rhythm
- Djenty Boi
- Extended Range 0
- VH4 Modern

Lead Tones:
- Alter Lead
- Classic Lead
- Prog Lead
- Rev Lead

Bass Tones:
- Modern Bass 2.0
- Darkglass Heavy
- Modern Clean
- Modern Dirty
- Warm Wood

Effect Tones:
- 8-bit
- 80s Synth
- Lo-Fi
- Octave Clean
- Synth Pad

All presets are compatible with Helix/LT/Native/HX Stomp, and are built using stock cabs. You can easily switch any cab block out with third party IR's.