Tight & Crushing Metal Tones

The Hi-Gain Rhythm Bundle is a collection of all your favorite metal amps all in one. The bundle is packed with a wide variety of metal rhythm guitar tones that span from modern super tight , to old-school sounding crushing death metal tones. You will have tones that perfectly suit both your breakdowns, tight intricate playing, and big open chords.
Even though the tones are made for the same purpose, they are vastly different in their character and sound. You will have a crushing rhythm tone for every occasion.
If you are into modern metal, djent, progressive metal, death metal, grind, or something completely different. There is definitely a tone for you here.


- Archtype Rhythm
- Badonk Rhythm
- Badonk + Rev Red
- Badonk + Rev Red2
- Djenty Boi
- Extended Range 0
- Meteor+
- Modern Rhythm
- Old School+
- VH4 Modern

All presets are compatible with Helix/LT/Native/HX Stomp, and are built using stock cabs. You can easily switch any cab block out with third party IR's.