Plug & Play Package for Metal Guitar

The Gig Ready: Metal bundle is made to skip all the messing around with finding a good source tone.

The package offers a super easy, plug & play solution for the metal guitarist. Simply load the package in your device, and start playing. The bundle provides all the essential tones you need for band practice, recording, and even live. Easily customizable for specific songs with time based effects or specific modulation effects, etc.

All tones are unique to this bundle, and are built around providing solid ground tones to cut through the mix. Simply skip all the messing around and tone chasing, and get something that just works out of the box so you can focus on playing and sounding great.


- Tight Clean
- Ambient Clean
- Clean
- Crunch
- Lead
- Rhythm

All presets are compatible with Helix/LT/Native/HX Stomp, and are built using stock cabs. You can easily switch any cab block out with third party IR's.